Model years

Yearly changes, upgrades usually took place at each "new" model year, outside of the factory bulletins or each teams development.

When more information is known, additions will be made

1999 GT3 R

2000 GT3 R

2001 GT3 RS

2002 GT3 RS

2003 GT3 RS

2004 GT3 RSR

2005 GT3 RSR

2006 GT3 RSR

2007 GT3 RSR

2008 GT3 RSR

2009 GT3 RSR

2010 GT3 RSR

2011 GT3 RSR

2012 GT3 RSR



Alex Job Racing 2002 GT3 RS

note the wider front fenders, revised front bumper, slightly different rear flares / rocker panels. Suspension changes, and front wheel offsets. Rear wing also changed it's profile, again for aerodynamics.

these cars also ran one piece BBS wheels throughout the season.

Team Falken 2012 GT3 RSR

2012 marked a big leap in suspension track on the RSR, much wider in front and rear. Revised bodywork to accomodate. Shown at the Sebring 12 hr in 2012.

A fan favorite team, gaining strength each year.

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