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1999 GT3 R specifications

Porsche 911 GT3 R prototype


not much is known about the specifics of what was inside the engine but the two prototype cars had one-off motors, made up of 962 based engine parts, the early GT3 R cars had a 964 engine case, some of which just had freeze plugs in the oil return tube holes. The parts in the production GT3 R 3.6 engines were sand cast, unlike these, and continued to use the 996 GT3 engine as its base.

3.2 liter based on Porsche 956/959/962/GT1
maximum torque ?
power ?
restrictor ?
maximum rpm ?
water cooled with oil heat exchanger
dry-sump lubrication
intake system with six throttle valves
Bosch (?) fuel injection with detonation control
exhaust manifold open, without catalytic converter

Power Train

six speed manual transmission type ? (think it was 993 GT2) cable controlled gear shift mechanism ?
rear wheel drive
single mass flywheel with racing clutch
limited slip differential -- 40/65%
gear ratios (as delivered)
ring and pinion ?


revised 996 chassis with front and rear composite fender flares
composite front nose, front fenders, front and rear hood, doors, rear tail and rear lid
aerodynamically optimized front nose and rear tail
welded-in safety roll cage
racing bucket seat (driver only)
six-point seat belt/harness
MOMO steering wheel
fire extinguisher
100 liter FT 3 safety fuel cell
air jacks
plastic door, side and rear windows


electrically actuated power steering
McPherson front suspension with ball joints
multilink rear axle with ball joints
coil spring with adjustable ride height and rate
Bilstein adjustable shock absorbers
wheels BBS
front - ?
rear - ?
Pirelli tires
center lock hubs/wheels
front roll bar adjustable in five positions
rear roll bar adjustable in three positions
drive shafts with CV joints

Brake System

twin pedal system with two master cylinders and balance bar
internally vented brake discs
front - ? diameter
rear - ? diameter
no ABS


Bosch (?) engine management
Stack display with integrated data recording (data recording device: optional)
lap trigger over Stack display
12V 50 Ah battery
alternator 110 amp

Vehicle weight

Approximately 1,100 kg (2442 lb.) per Le Mans Regulations

Color Exterior and interior

Biarritz white Z2

1999 Production Figure - 2 cars, prototypes

1999 GT3 R - Le Mans race 1999

Manthey Racing 81 car- U. Alzen, L. Riccitelli, P. Huisman
Champion 80 car- B. Wolleck, D. Muller, B. Maylander

both cars were campaigned as private entrants, although the pits were full of factory technicians, and cars were piloted by factory drivers, from Porsche SuperCup, and GT1 experience. The 81 car won its class, the 80 car finished close behind. Le Mans was almost flawless for brand new cars

1999 GT3 R - stateside

23 car as driven by Dirk Muller, and Cort Wagner for the rest of the season after Le Mans in the USA. Cort Wagner also won the Porsche Cup in 1999. Alex Job ran the car along with a 993 RSR. Manthey Racing was the entrant name because of championship points.

(note the additional rear flares, 3-piece BBS wheels, and narrow stock 996 contour front fenders)

this car was restored by the factory and resides in Daryl Havens collection

1999 GT3 R at Le Mans testing

81 car- U. Alzen, L. Riccitelli
80 car- C. Wagner, D. Muller

the factory built two prototypes, both have survived.

1999 GT3 R - RWS/Red Bull

The other 1999 prototype. It was campaigned by RWS Motorsport for the remainder of the 99 ALMS season after the LeMans debut. The 25 car photo is as it appeared at the Petit LeMans. The beginning of 2000 saw its famous Red Bull luvery come alive, the car was seen thru 2001 in competetion under the Red Bull colors.