Some adventures of the GT3 R and their crews will be posted here. Interviews, pictures, techincal work, and other interests.

( need information on GT3 Rs used in the far east, Japan, Taiwan, etc., and pre-development information/pictures from the 98-99 era ) If your name is on the list and you have not been contacted by me, please send contact info.

Any photographers, illustrators, authors, owners, drivers, or team members wishing to have material posted, please email:

Japanese GT3 R in JGTC 2001

Hazardous Sports 2003 GT3 RS in Miami ALMS

Mike Fitzgerald Henry Hsu Randy Pobst Adrian Slowey
Hurley Haywood Kevin Buckler Patrick Huisman Bill Auberlen
Eric Bloss Cort Wagner Robin Liddell Alwin Springer
Peter Seikel

Stephane Ortelli

Timothy Crete Mike Pickup
Cole Scrogham Mike Petersen Joel Reiser Uwe Alzen
Johannes vanOverbeek Rodger Hawley John Morton Darren Law
Dick Barbour Jorg Bergmeister David Murry Sascha Maassen
Johnny Mowlem Justin Jackson Tony Callas Manfred Freisinger
Jurgen Barth Herbert Ampferer Norbert Singer Mike Schrom
Roland Kussmaul Dirk Muller Uwe Brettel Brian Copans
Alex Caffi Alex Job Olaf Manthey Timo Bernhard
Lucas Luhr Marc Lieb Ulrich Upietz Kevin Jeannette