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If you are a caretaker of a GT3 R, you may enter your name, you can be a contact person, in case there are questions about the vehicle you are registering.

Thanks again to everyone, and hope that this site is a resource for years to come. The database will be live once there is something substantial to report.

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Freisinger Motorsport GT3 RS in late 2002

GT3 R Chassis Number Decoding

Complete chassis number is WPOZZZ99ZYS692001 (located at bottom of drivers side of windshield)
WPO is the Porsche manufacture identification, ZZZ is meaningless, 99 first 2 digits of chassis type (996/997), Z is meaningless, YS = 1999/2000 (1S = 01, 2S = 02, 3S = 03, 4S = 04, 5S = 05, 6S = 06, 7S = 07, 8S = 08), 6 is the last digit of chassis type (996), 7 for 997, 92 is 996 GT3 R model code/99 is 997 GT3 R model code, and the last 3 digits are the production run.