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The website, I hope becomes one that people will find interesting. Its success depends on the contributors, suggestions, and insight from other team members, owners, and enthusiasts from around the world.

As a member of a team that received the fourth GT3 R off the line, was able to attend the factory training at Daytona 2000, and being involved with other teams in the US, I realized that no one was really documenting the development or history on the GT3 R specifically. Having personal Porsche heritage, understanding the history of the company, and the cars, I felt it necessary to document the history in the making. So in between working at the racetrack on these cars, I have tried to document the development of the GT3 R.

The GT3 R is perhaps the finest race car that has been produced by Porsche, right out of the box it was ready to win, and did. It brought a new level of the 911 development to the motorsport arena, carbon fiber used extensively in ways only seen before in prototype vehicles, and computer aided manufacturing techniques to allow mass production of high quality components. The GT3 R is truly a work of art in every aspect from styling through its new mechanicals. The forward thinking by Porsche has changed the GT sport of motor racing.

I thank in advance all of you, for your help and contributions.

Robert Overholser


G&W Motorsports 2000 GT3 R

paint scheme it wore throughout the 2000-01 year
(image © James Davies)